How to recalibrate a hoverboard and why is it important ?

Recalibration of the hoverboard is something that you will have to do from time to time in order to ensure that your trusty hoverboard is working properly. The process is a very simple one and it can be done in the space of a minute if you know all the steps properly. 

Before we get down to the process of recalibrating a hoverboard, it is important to know its significance. 

  • The two pedals of the hoverboard may be off kilter. It might lead to an accident when used. Recalibrating solves this issue.
  • You might hit a sizeable bump while out on the road with your hoverboard. This can lead to problems with the balance of the hoverboard which recalibrating will solve.
  • Another problem with hoverboards is that they may lead left or right at times. This is also a hazard and can lead to falls and spills. Recalibrating solves this problem.
  • The hoverboard might hit an obstacle and mess up its electronics. This can lead to many a problem in the long run. Recalibrating can put right many of the problems.

How to recalibrate your hoverboard


Before you jump into recalibration you need to ensure that the hoverboard is sitting on an absolutely flat surface. If it is placed on uneven ground it will lead to improper recalibration. Also make sure that the hoverboard is never calibrated while it is placed upside down. Now make sure that your self-balancing scooter is not in sleep mode and is actually turned off all the way. 

The Process of calibration

  • First, make sure that your hoverboard is perfectly level with the ground and this means both the footrests.
  • Now Press and hold on to the power button until you hear beep. This procedure should take from 5-10 seconds. After you hear the beep you should let go of the power button. 
  • Next, you will notice that the LED lights are flashing. This is an indication that the recalibration process has started. You should be alert and make sure that the hoverboard is not disturbed during this process. 
  • The above process will take about 30 seconds at best. After this use the power button to turn off the hoverboard. The recalibration process is now over and you can test the hoverboard.

Testing the hoverboard

Turn on the hoverboard with the help of the power button and jump on. Take the hoverboard outside to ride it around and see if the balancing is alright. We advise you to perform a few stunts in addition to riding the hoverboard forward and backwards. Also make turns and see how well your hoverboard responds to your inputs. 

If you find that your hoverboard is still unbalanced after the recalibration the problem could be with a loose connection or a faulty wire in the housing of the hoverboard. If it is the latter problem the best option for you is to buy a new hoverboard circuit board and get the faulty circuit board replaced.

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